Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you provide any other services other than plastic injection molding and injection mold tooling?
Yes, in addition to the plastic side of the business we provide services in: part design, metal machining of steel, aluminum, titanium, cobalt and stainless steel. Soon we will have in place a one-stop service for entrepreneurs and inventors. Our services will include referral to attorney, marketing, packaging and in some cases financing of projects. We are also in the process of building cooperative relations with low volume metal-stampers, casting houses and fabricators.
2What geographic regions do you supply to?
We are not limited to any geographical region of the United States or Canada. Customer would be responsible for all shipping costs.
3Do you build all of your own tooling?
All injection mold tools are built in house along with all the machining of details. There are some instances when an outside service is required because we do not have the equipment to perform the operation. However, for the most part we do everything ourselves.
4How large of a piece of steel can you machine?
We currently have capability to machine up to 40″ in the X axis and 20″ in the Y & Z axis.
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