Michigan Based Plastic Injection Mold Builder and Low Volume Parts Supplier

Michigan Manufactured Products can help you get more from your mold. We design and build molds with your best interest in mind.  This enables improved cycle times at lower maintenance costs than lesser quality molds provide. Our integrated line of services deliver the support you need, when you need it and at the right level of output capability for your application.


Our experienced group of designers and surfacers apply a strong engineering background in order to create designs that will deliver the best performance. We use leading-edge software—delivering excellent results, while reducing lead times.


From beginning to end, our attention to detail, individual customer specifications and open communication create a quality driven end product. Our customers receive complete job documentation.


We invest in technology, utilizing automation and high-speed CNC machining applications. We reduce costs by decreasing the direct labor needed to complete projects. Greater precision from the CNC machining reduces the amount of “bench work” needed to finalize the mold making process.

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